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Priority directions
The inner-system spinal mutual relations are revealed:
- diagnostics quality is improved,
- stability in the treatment results is increased

Sternodiagnostics and Sternotherapy
New application at the disc-radicular spinal pathology

Digestive tract
The complete notion about the digestive tract The main rule of the digestive tracts morphological-functional nature is revealed. New opportunities of the diagnostics and treatment in the gastroenterology!


Doctor A.V. Ushakov
Candidate of medical sciences, author of four scientific monographs, series of articles, some patented inventions and discoveries.


Doctor Ushakov offers for your attention:

  1. Thoroughness during treatment instead of superficial initial effect!
  2. Doctors attention to his patient.
  3. Detailed advice. Clear explanation. Answers your questions.
  4. Scientific and individual medical tactic choice, based on comprehension of the disease essence and peculiarities of its clinical course.
  5. Total organism treatment, not only of the separate organ.
  6. Application of natural recovery methods.
  7. Discoveries. Inventions. Patents. Authors priority principles.

From year to year there are changes in opportunities of our organism. Every five spent years distinctly reduce our protective (compensatory) biological resources. Prolonged influence of pathogenic factors forms functional weak places in the organs systems or the other body structures. In the critical case changes are revealed as a disease or its exacerbation. This point makes us to take measures.

But you far from always think about such fact, that having started treatment, you have to collide with next worsening soon.

In case of the thyroid disease, patients wish to avoid from nodes and some disease manifestations. As a rule, doctors prescribe them substitutive treatment hormonal medications, and more often - unjustified surgical removal of some part of the organ instead of internal structures renewal, provocative glands functional intension and exhaustion. How long are you prepared to take hormones one-two years or all your life? Are you prepared in several or ten years to replace your thyroid gland by daily medication forever?

In case of the spinal disc herniation, patients look for an opportunity to eliminate pain, stupor and to renew common mobility. That is why they apply anesthetization by means of medications, but this effect is temporal. It is a pity, but so popular manual practice doesnt set herniation, but only eliminates local muscle intension and creates risk of worsening during such procedure (!).

Besides that, not having restored normal interrelations between internal organs and spine, as well as correct interrelations between spinal parts, you shouldnt exclude development of next herniation.

How much discs located between vertebras are you prepared to spend? Do you wish to avoid weak spine development?

Treatment principles, used by doctor Ushakov, first of all are directed on recovery of the internal organisms sphere and of normal physiological interrelations between organs.

During this process you may not only treat the suffered organ, but also the whole organism!

This undermines disease fundamentals existing for years and allows:

  • in case with thyroid gland, to renew its structure and function,
  • in case with spine, to eliminate both local inflammation (provocative pain and stupor), and pathogenic influences on it, promoting to discs changes,
  • to reach treatment results stability!
Thyroid thermography

Thyroid treatment (including nodes, increase)

Spinal disc herniation treatment

Medical Thermography (thermovision)

Heart and vessels auscultation


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Year: 2005


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