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Sternopuncture at the spinal disc-radiculopathies

   Author: Doctor A.V. Ushakov
Edition: 1
Year: 2006
.: Znanie-, 2006, 150 pages, ill.

Summary of the book

The monograph contains fundamental knowledge concerning sternopuncture. The data about anatomy, physiology, sternum acupuncture are presented; the theoretical base of the sternopuncture in vertebrology is distinguished. The methodology is stated and examples of the practical application are included.

This is the first monograph concerning sternopuncture practical application of the micro-punctural sternum system. Sternopuncture in the area of the spinal disc-radiculopathies is in the base of the book.
The demonstrative description of the inner-system spinal interrelations is for the first time presented!
A new acupunctural spinal system on a sternum is presented. The comparative review of the existing acupunctural projections on a sternum and thorax is made.

The universality of the golden sections ratio application in the acupuncture is showed.
The dynamics of the acupunctural points condition in dependence with the pathological process stage is illustratively and descriptively given.

The data about anatomy, physiology, sternum acupuncture are listed. The theoretical base of the sternopuncture in the vertebrology is distinquished. The system of express-diagnostics of the spinal affection place is in detail described.
The methods, methodology are stated, and examples of the practical application are included.

Meant for reflexotherapists, vertebrologists and doctors of the adjacent specializations.



  1. Notion about spinal disc-radiculopathies
  2. Short introduction about traditional views on the nature of mutual relations
  3. Inner-system spinal mutual relations
  1. Sternum anatomy and physiology
  2. Sternum is a system of correspondence to the spine
  3. Acupunctural sternum zones
  4. Sternodiagnostics of the spinal condition
  5. Sternotherapy at the spinal discopathies and radiculopathies
  6. Cases from practice

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Responses about the book

It should be said, that this book embraced not only area of dorsopathies. Besides the modern knowledge about disc-gene pathology and original authors material, based on the analytic search and practical results, the work with review and perspectively focuses a reader on an opportunity of the sternopuncture application at the internal organs diseases and immune processes correction.

ass.prof. of the medical sciences, L.G. Agasarov
(The I.M. Sechenov MMA)

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