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Thyroid treatment (including nodes, increase)
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Thyroid thermography

Thermography estimates functional cellular activity

For instance, functional intension of the thyroid cells. Energization of the biochemical processes in cells increases a temperature in them (on the thermogram you may see yellow and orange colors). And vice versa, functional intensityТs decrease in cells leads to the temperature decrease (on the thermogram Ц dark blue and violet colors).

Patient, a woman, 28 years old.
Euthyroid diffuse-nodular goiter

Insignificant rising above the projection of the thyroid right lobe is defined externally. Node is defined by palpation method. The node at the right thyroid lobe and diffuse increase of the left lobe are defined during US (drawing 1). A high functional nodular activity of the right lobe and increase of the functional intensity in the left lobe are revealed at the thermography (drawing 2).

”«»: узел правой доли щитовидной железы
Drawing 1. US: node in the right lobe of the thyroid gland

”«»: узел правой доли щитовидной железы
Drawing 2. Computer thermography
Neck area in front (head is inclined back). White arrow points out on a high temperature in the nodular projection, black arrow Ц on the temperature increase in the left lobe of the thyroid gland. As a standard, normal temperature is defined in this area (green color).

Normal hormonal thyroid level (i.e. euthyroidism) on this (initial) stage of the thyroid changes development is determined by the compensated increase of the cellular activity. In particular, at the expense of the functional intension in cells: 1) of the right lobe with the nodular formation (locally), 2) of the left lobe (diffusely, widespread) with the general lobeТs increase.

Additional examples of thermography

Diffuse-nodular hyper-activation of the thyroid right lobe
Diffuse-nodular hyper-activation of the thyroid right lobe and weakly expressed hyper-activation of the thyroid left lobe
Expressed hyper-activation of the thyroid right lobe and thyroid isthmus.
Functional activity decrease in the thyroid gland (preferably in the left lobe)
Hypo-functional changes in the right lobe and insignificant increase of the functional activity in the left lobe
Hypothyroid condition of the thyroid


Thermography allows finding out functional condition of the thyroid structure. Nodular formations in the thyroid gland may be in different functional condition. Normal hormonal level Ц is not always an evidence of health.

By means of thermography it is possible to specify the thyroid function!


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