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News concerning Spinal Thermography

    The article by A.V. Ushakov. A.I. Belenko Thermographical Sterno-diagnostics at the spinal discopathies is published in the journal Prospects of the traditional medicine 1, 2006, page 12-17. .
   In November 2006, the book of the professor S.N. Kolesov (Scientific-research institute of traumatology and orthopedy, N. Novgorod) Spinal osteochondrosis: neurological and thermo-vision syndromes was published..

Spinal changes are defined on the basis of:

  1. Functional examinations:
  2. These are radial and fields assessments methods (Rontgenography or Magnetic-Resonant Tomography (MRT)).

All these researches dont replace, but supplement each other, allowing a doctor to receive the more high-grade (objective) representation about the spinal state. The rest methods, techniques and approaches are auxiliary ones.

Objective definition of the functional state of the spinal structures and connected with it formations, is a distinctive advantage of the Thermography.

Lets consider differences of the Thermography from the other diagnostic methods:

Methods of the spinal examination

Neurologic examination Thermography Magnetic-resonant tomography (MRT) Rontgenography
Assessment of function Assessment of structure
Neurologic examination is partly subjective, as it is limited:
- by the subjectivity of the information perception by the doctor,
- subjective assessment of the patients perceptions.
Objectively it reveals functionally active parts, both before development of the obvious structural changes, and on the stage of the expressed changes. It allows defining spinal structure only. You may see condition of spinal discs and soft tissues. It allows defining the bone formations (vertebras) and their mutual relation. You cannot see spinal discs and nervous formations.

Thermography allows defining exactly:

  1. Localization and expressiveness of the inflammation center.
  2. Localization and expressiveness of the sensitivity reduction (stupor).

These symptoms are impossible to define by means of MRT or rontgenography.

Red arrows point out on the temperature increase area (inflammation center at the spinal diskopathies).

Red arrows point out on the area of the temperature reduction (sensitivity reduction because of innervation and blood supplies infringement at the spinal diskopathies).
White arrows point out on the area of comparison on the opposite side (extremities).

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