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General Treatment provisions

  1. On the whole, treatment process should be focused on recovery of the functions having lost. That is why, all kinds of medical influence, oriented on organisms maintenance, by means of substitution of the missing functions, should be estimated as assistance or help, but not recovery.
  2. A way to disease is long, but also not very short to recovery. Recovery at the chronic diseases takes some time, when step by step there are renewable transformations. This period is different and depends on the organisms structures state, i.e. of expressiveness of the pathologic changes and of compensatory opportunities quantity. As a rule, this time is considerably shorter than that is taken for the disease development. These are months, but not years. Several treatment courses, but not only one course consisted of many procedures, not one-two-three procedures are necessary at the chronic diseases (for achievement of the expressed and stable, but not intermediate result). A quantity of such procedures is individual, depending on disease, condition of compensatory forces, mode of life (food, mode sleep-wake, motion activity, temperature and the other factors etc.). On average, these are three courses. Sometimes there are two ones. Rarer four or five courses. Treatment duration may depend on a persons psychological sphere, a wish to recover.
  3. There are transformations in the organism starting already from the first procedure (!), despite on the fact, that you should be focused on the course treatment. As positive changes, focused on the health, are accumulated, there are signs of recovery. Originally it is reflected on state of health. The specific disease manifestations are not the only ones, which are reducing (for instance, pain, hypostases etc.). Endurance is also increasing (i.e a person less gets tired from the same loads), sleep, appetite are improving, more positive emotions appear. Later, these changes are confirmed by hardware-based, laboratory and the other examinations methods.

Treatment methods being used


  • Acupunctural influence
  • Easily done recommendations on correction of important life peculiarities
  • Pharmacological correction
  • Initial psychological correction

Kinds of acupunctural influence:

  1. Auriculotherapy (medical influence on acupunctural ear zones; France is a native land of the modern auriculotherapy; it is widely used in the European clinics). The own kinds (including patented ones) and practical knowledge, on the base of which there are popular French and International topographical reference points, are applied. Sphere of use: all diseases.
  2. Sternotherapy (medical influence on sternum acupunctural zones). The own (patented) kinds and practical skills are applied. Sphere of use: spinal diseases, immunity correction.
  3. Acupuncture (medical direction, the base of which is harmonization of interrelations in the multilevel organisms system).
  4. Segmental treatment (medical influence on acupunctural zones of body parts). Sphere of use: majority of diseases.
  5. Palm-digitary treatment (medical influence on acupunctural zones of palms and fingers). Principles of the professor Park Jae Woo are applied. Sphere of use: some diseases.

Recommendations on correction of important life peculiarities. We more often dont notice everything, we do to cause harm to ourselves. Speech goes not about harmful habits. For instance, we may forget about food and postpone it up to the eveningand it is going on every day. Or we may not pay attention to chill of legs (feet). Or regularly we go to bed after midnight. All these details are being accumulated and after some time lead to the definite pathological changes. I know, and dont stop surprising to the fact, that sometimes simple recommendations allow achieving more results, than purposeful assiduous treatment.

Pharmacological correction. Many diseases require correction of internal environment or of a whole organism, or of its local parts. With this aim some medicinal herbs and some medications are prescribed. For instance, adsorbents (connect and take out aggressive substances, decay products), antioxidants (vitamins), probiotics (useful microflora), prebiotics (substances, favorable to microflora).

You should carefully refer to use of many pharmacological medications. Each case has its definite explanation. For instance, application of hormonal (insulin, thyroxin) or enzymatic (pancreas derivatives) medications has a temporal and conditionally full effect. Their long application leads to the progressive reduction of the own endocrine and exocrine glands activity, with their further irreversible transformation of their tissue. After that a patient becomes absolutely dependant on such medications, i.e. he becomes by a herbal invalid, connected to pharmacy! Scientific researches are evidence of it.

Psychological influence is concluded in conversation between a doctor and a patient during procedures conducting (these procedures are not difficult, and depend on a patients mood and a wish). Important peculiarities of such professional influence should be considered as follows:

  • explanation of obscure parts of disease development and manifestation, as well as of way outs from the created position,
  • maintenance at the patient of sureness in the positive result, orientation on achievement of the targeted aim.


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