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micro-puncture direction of acupuncture, where treatment is effected by means of influence on the patients ear. At present auriculotherapy takes the predominating position in the micro-puncture sphere, and considered on the same level with the corporal acupuncture as the independent high-efficient medical practice.

Auriculotherapy development history may be shared into two main stages, divided by the middle of the XXth century. Starting just 50ss of the XXth century due to the ingenious discovery and research activity of P. Nogie (France, Lion), auriculotherapy was transformed from imperceptible Cinderella into the striking Acupuncture Princess.

In 1951 doctor P. Nogie presented the reflex presentation system of internal organs and body parts on ear. Numerous researches, followed it, specified localization of the reflex points, corresponding to definite internal structures, and having revealed medical treatment efficiency on ear, have become the basis of the modern auriculotherapy.

The further development of this reflex therapeutic practice has acquired national state tendencies.

Due to P. Nogie, France has become by a source of scientific knowledge in the auriculotherapys sphere. Research, publicistic (book and journal) and missionary activity of the doctor P. Nogie have led to distribution of this acupunctural direction in different countries. At present, when P. Nogie is not with us, France remains by the traditional native land of the modern auriculotherapy.

The Moscow scientific research institute of Acupuncture, located on Petrovsky bulvar, has become by the center of auriculotherapy studying in the USSR. Since its opening (1977), phylogenetic and anatomic physiological auriculotherapy bases have been studied in this institute under management of professor R.A. Durinyan. Several scientific monographs, dedicated to the matters of the auriculo-micro-puncture sanogenesis and of the clinical application, were published. The scientific activity of E.S. Velhover, R.A. Durinyan, F.G. Portnov is more noticeable among the famous auriculotherapy specialists of the Soviet period in the Russian history. The Russian publishing house Medicine (Moscow) still republishes the claimed Atlas of the clinical auriculotherapy by doctor Yakov Pesikov (the Ukraine, Donetsk). During several decades auriculotherapy is being studied in the system of the state doctors and candidate's dissertational researches.

In China, due to the most ancient traditional populations conviction in the leading and defining beginning of the Chinese acupuncture, auriculotherapy has been favourably met by the medical public. Active interest to this micro-puncture through scientific and actually medical practice allowed Chinese doctors to allocate their own auriculotherapy technique. It has created the second scientific-theoretical auliculotherapy pole, based on Chinese classified representations and diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, connected with them. That is why modern auriculotherapy is divided into European and Chinese.

High efficiency of acupuncture auricilotherapy has led to its distribution in the clinics of Europe and the other continents. The medical clinics located abroad more often offer an opportunity of treatment at the auriculous medicine doctor.

Auriculotherapy is popular in USA. The first scientific publications appeared in 70ss of the XXth century there (dr. Michael Smith, New York). Due to the active educational activity of doctor Terry Oleson, president of the Auriculotherapeutic Certified Institute (California), auriculous medicine has acquired a modern general systematized look. Already the third edition of Auriculotherapy Manual by T. Oleson has been published.

Up to the 50ss of the XXth century auriculous practice in the medical system has had limited application. Due to the prospecting work of the modern auriculotherapy founder, P. Nogie and his followers, it was managed to find out some historical data only. It is known, that the ancient Arabs used ear at the lumbar ischialgia (waist pains and along the sciatic nerve), and the ancient Egyptians knew contraceptive auriculous points. In the ancient China output of some meridians on ear is described, and the ancient Chinese literary monuments (Su Van. Nay Tsin, 4-5 century b.c.) mention about the important role of ear in the medical process.

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